I'm a photographer because I'm a storyteller.  As a trained journalist my goal is always to capture joyful stories honestly.

I'm a photographer because I love people.  I'm outgoing, enthusiastic, and silly.  I love connecting with my clients and getting a small peek into their world and their loves.

I'm a photographer because I'm an artist.  I think the world is so beautiful and when life gets hard it's that beauty that gets me through.

why me?


the team



Robert Francis

The heart and eyes behind Korri Leigh Photography.  
Single super-Mom, passionate artist, tireless business owner.  Always down for a dance party, political debate, or delicious meal.

Korri's son provides comic relief during editing sessions, helps scout locations and is starting to dabble in photography himself with his new GoPro.

Likes: legos, space, drums, soccer, hamburgers

Dislikes:  homework, mostly

Likes: strong coffee, hot sauce, Kennedy family history, Death Cab for Cutie, high fives

Dislikes:  Phil Collins, jerks

Likes: tennis balls, chewing on antlers, naps

Dislikes: the vacuum, Eunice, lawn ornaments, trash cans

Likes: staring at the fish tank, bacon, laser pointers, sleeping on your face

Dislikes: Rob, being picked up

Rob is the resident studio dog.  Part lab, part greyhound, all crazy.  He keeps Korri fit with his need for miles of daily walks.

Eunice is the OG pet of the family. She actually hinders KLC's productivity by regularly sitting between Korri and the computer screen.

When Teddy chose me to be his Mama, everything changed.  I became more patient, more kind, more silly, more giving and WAY more aware of how fleeting and special our lives truly are.  As I grew as a mother I also grew as an artist and every day I seek to capture the love, laughter, and human connection that make up our lives.

He is my "why"

Love and thanks to Oh, Karina Photography, Hannah Cohen, Michelle Gardella & Crabapple Photography for these wonderful images