"I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 
'if this isn't nice, I don't know what is.'"  
- Kurt Vonnegut

Let's go!

I'm a photographer because I'm completely obsessed with stories. I write, read, and listen to stories voraciously, and I document yours with my camera.

I'm a photographer because I love people. I'm outgoing, enthusiastic, and silly. I love connecting with my clients and getting a small peek into their world and their loves.

I'm a photographer because I'm an artist. I think the world is so beautiful, and when life gets hard it's the beauty that gets me through.



"Wowww! That nursing photos is stunning. Love it!  I'm continuously amazed by your skills lady.  We look forward to putting up our new memories on our walls soon!"  
- Jennifer & Todd


aw, shucks...

"These are amazing! We're so glad you could come back out again.  You're so easy to work with and your work is just the best."
 - Tim & Susan


aw, shucks...

"Wow Korri these are INCREDIBLE!  The colors are beautiful.  The ones of the boys indiviually with their smiles just melt my mama heart.  thank you so much!"
- Jen & Jason


aw, shucks...

I'm a single mom and my son Teddy is the cutest member of the KLC photography team.  He helps me scout out locations, is always there with a joke to help me through  marathon editing sessions, and is an ever-present reminder of the most important part of life - love and family.  When you invite me to document your memories you're also directly supporting this little dude and my efforts to give him the life he deserves.

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When Teddy chose me to be his Mama, everything changed for me.  I became more patient, more kind, more silly, more giving - and WAY more aware of how fleeting and special our lives truly are. As I grew as a mother I also grew as an artist and every day I seek to capture the love, laughter, and human connection that make up our lives.  

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he is my "why"

love and thanks to Oh, Karina Photography, Michelle Gardella, Siri Jones, and Crabapple Photography for these wonderful images

Every photo session with KLC results in a tangible product - an album you will thumb through for years to come, a beautiful set of framed prints for your wall. I will not allow the images we create together to disappear onto a computer hard drive never to be seen again.  

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Why? because: prints>screens 

My work has been featured in magazines, on book covers, on television, and on many websites and blogs, and that's fun, but my priority is to have the images we create featured in your home.  It can be hard to spend money on an album or art for your walls when it's so easy to throw your images up on social media for free. I get that.  But printed photographs are one of the few 'things' in life that appreciate in value over time.  As your kids continue to grow and time flies, you'll treasure the images that remind you of the moments that mean so much.


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These photos are a big deal

why documentary photography?

I'm a Mom, and I know how fleeting the time we have with our children when they are young truly is. The things that I remember most are the hectic energy of morning time, the silly laughs at dinner time, the sweet stories at bed time, and every little look, joke, tear, and smile in between. I call the time I spend with my families the "In Between Sessions" because that is what I strive to capture. 

Many people only save photography for the big moments - the marriages, first babies, and graduations of our lives, but the perfect little moment you just had with your family will never happen exactly the same way again, and I want to help you hold onto those moments with all your might - for me they are truly what life is all about.

thank you