"I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 
'if this isn't nice, I don't know what is.'"  
- Kurt Vonnegut

Let's go!

I'm a photographer because I'm completely obsessed with stories. I write, read, and listen to stories voraciously, and I document yours with my camera.

I'm a photographer because I love people. I'm outgoing, enthusiastic, and silly. I love connecting with my clients and getting a small peek into their world and their loves.

I'm a photographer because I'm an artist. I think the world is so beautiful, and when life gets hard it's the beauty that gets me through.



"Korri was amazing.  From the minute she walked into our wedding, it felt like she was a friend who I had known for years.  I received so many compliments from friends and family who were at the wedding about how much they liked her, and many more compliments on the actual photos."
- Allison, married 2013


aw, shucks...

"The energy that Korri brings to her work is the best part about working with her! She has a way of putting people at ease and making the process of being photographed feel natural and fun.
 I think this is rare.

What I love about Korri's photos is that they have a timeless quality to them. Of course there are trends and I think she understands and works within those but the overall way she photographs is timeless. 
The images feel relevant no matter when they were taken." 
- Susanna. Wedding, family, and commercial client


aw, shucks...

"We loved every single moment spent with Korri, seriously!  She is hilarious, smart, creative, and OH SO COOL!  The posed photos made us look more handsome than we have ever looked and the candids perfectly captured the essence of our love and the romance, sophistication and silliness of the event.  
Photography by KLC = Best Decision Ever! - Jamie, married 2015


aw, shucks...

I'm a single mom and my son Teddy is the cutest member of the KLC photography team.  He helps me scout out locations, is always there with a joke to help me through  marathon editing sessions, and is an ever-present reminder of the most important part of life - love and family.  When you invite me to document your memories you're also directly supporting this little dude and my efforts to give him the life he deserves.

Learn more about our life together

When Teddy chose me to be his Mama, everything changed for me.  I became more patient, more kind, more silly, more giving - and WAY more aware of how fleeting and special our lives truly are. As I grew as a mother I also grew as an artist and every day I seek to capture the love, laughter, and human connection that make up our lives.  

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he is my "why"

love and thanks to Oh, Karina Photography, Michelle Gardella, Siri Jones, and Crabapple Photography for these wonderful images

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Before, during, and after your wedding day I am not just your photographer but a friend, a support, and always a professional.

If you prioritize photography you should also care about how those images are experienced in your life.  In an increasingly digital world the value of a printed image is even greater.

the experience

"Hey Korri, We got the album and it ROCKS!! We love it! I still can't believe how much better it is to have it than just the digital prints. Good call on transitioning KLC to the physical prints rather than digital copies. Thanks so much again."
- Shannon & Ken

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Why? because: prints>screens 

My work has been featured in magazines, on book covers, on television, and on many websites and blogs, and that's fun, but my priority is to have the images we create featured in your home.  It can be hard to spend money on an album or art for your walls when it's so easy to throw your images up on social media for free. I get that.  But your images aren't just for you and your spouse, they're for the family you'll create together.  


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These photos   are a big deal

Whomever you choose will be capturing more than a simple photograph but laughter, love, emotion, and moments you'll want to look at again and again. Images you'll pass on to your children.  Photos that make you feel something.
My work is intimate, creative, and passionate. These words describe me, too! Well, I mean, I guess intimate would be a weird word to describe myself, I am, but just not when clients are around, that would be awkward.  
Anyway, I really think that life is beautiful, and YOUR life is beautiful, and I work tirelessly to show that in my photographs.

On your wedding day I'll probably end up putting on the boutonni√®res for the groomsmen, I'll make silly faces at any guest under 7, I'll most likely make at least one "That's what she said joke" and I'll definitely sing along with the band at the reception (not too loudly though, no one needs to hear that).  I'll address your parents and family by their first names, I'll be everywhere and nowhere all at once, and I'll always have a smile on my face (expect when I'm crying during the parent dances). 

Your wedding is so important to me because love is so important to me, and family is so important to me, and happiness is so important to me.

choosing a photographer is a  big deal

thank you