Whomever you choose will be capturing more than a simple photograph but laughter, love, emotion, and moments you'll want to look at again and again. Images you'll pass on to your children. Photos that make you feel something.  You're not just choosing another vendor for a party, you're choosing the heart and the eyes through which you'll show the world your life.

My work is intimate, creative, and passionate. These words describe me, too! Well, I mean, I guess intimate would be a weird word to describe myself, I am, but just not when clients are around, that would be awkward.  
Anyway, I really think that life is beautiful, and YOUR life is beautiful, and I work tirelessly to show that in my photographs.

On your wedding day I'll probably end up putting on the boutonni√®res for the groomsmen, I'll make silly faces at any guest under 7, I'll most likely make at least one "That's what she said joke" and I'll definitely sing along with the band at the reception (not too loudly though, no one needs to hear that). I'll address your parents and family by their first names, I'll be everywhere and nowhere all at once, and I'll always have a smile on my face (except when I'm crying during the parent dances). 

Your wedding is important to me because love is so important to me, and family is so important to me, and happiness is so important to me.  This is what life is truly about.

choosing a photographer is a big deal