The way she smells after a bath...the silly names they call each other...his tiny hand fit perfectly in yours...the way he'll only eat his veggies if she does...pajama dance parties before bed...the quiet closeness of (another) 3 AM feeding...the pitch of her giggle as she chases the dog...the huge your partner gives after a long the way that they say "I love you" sounds a little bit different month by month, and then year by year.  

Let's tell your story, together

What will you remember?

because prints > screens

My work has been featured in magazines, on book covers, on television, and on many websites and blogs, and that's fun, but my priority is to have the images we create featured in your home. Your images aren't just for you and your spouse, they're for the families you come from and the family you'll create together.   I don't consider my job done until you have printed memories in your hands to keep and share forever.

"Hey Korri, We got the album and it ROCKS!! We love it! I still can't believe how much better it is to have it than just the digital prints. Good call on transitioning KLC to the physical prints rather than digital copies. Thanks so much again."
- Shannon & Ken